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milena roucka
Want to learn all about Rosa Mendes? You're at the right spot. Here you'll find the fascinating story about her rise to fame in the world of wrestling.

Melina's Biography

Milena Leticia Roucka, born of Czech and Costa Rican decent, is just your regular, down to earth, everyday city girl. Milena Roucka grew up in downtown Vancouver where she spent many of her days hanging at the beach, shopping downtown, and being with friends. Prior to becoming a model, Milena attended the University of British Columbia where she studied business, but soon left after discovering an interest in modeling.

At 21 she began as a part-time model, but soon took a quick hiatus to focus on her love life. However at 24 and freshly single, Milena got back into the game and began to compete in various modeling contests, her first being one of the biggest Latin American based contests called the Piel Dorada. The contest consisted of 15 girls being shot over a 10 day period and was judged upon professionalism, personality and photos. During that time while the other girls would go out partying, Milena maintained her focus.

She attended the gym, made sure she had plenty of rest, and in 2004 it paid off when she became the first North American to win. Her victory gave her the confidence she needed to continue pursuing the business and soon realized that her dreams of traveling would soon become true as she found herself flying to places all over the world. She lists Antigua, Guatemala, Ocho Rios, Jamaica and Guanacaste, Costa Rica as some of her favorite locations she's experienced. Upon modeling, Milena has also found another interest, this time in acting, landing roles for various Costa Rican commercials for Trident and Luxe Soap.

In the summer of 2006, auditions for a 3rd installment of WWE's 250,000 Diva Search Contest was held and Milena was quick to participate. After thousands of ladies auditioned for a spot in the contest, Milena was placed in the final 8! Week after week, one girl was voted off, which found Milena getting eliminated close to the end, placing 4th overall in the competition. Fans were quick to take a liking towards Roucka, and so did the WWE, soon signing the now former model just a few days after her elimination to a developmental contract with the company.

This had sent Milena to relocate to Louisville, Kentucky to train with Ohio Valley Wrestling, the official training grounds for the WWE where many superstars and divas such as Randy Orton, Batista, Melina Perez and many more had started their careers. Within almost a year since joining the OVW, Milena pushed herself to the limits, improving herself day by day in the ring as well as her character, and all hard work paid off once again when she claimed the OVW Women's Championship against ODB on September 20th 2007. Milena had worked her role as "Roucka" to one of the most charismatic heel divas in the company.

Her title reign would only last a few months, when in early February 2008 the WWE had announced to break their ties with OVW as one of their official training grounds for their developmental talents. They now claimed the Tampa, Florida based company Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW) as their sole official training grounds of the company. This sent Milena, as well as many other signed talent to relocate to Tampa, Florida and continue their training with FCW.

Now at the age of 30, with many years of experience in the modeling world behind her, and a whole new opportunity in Wrestling Entertainment ahead of her, there's only so much more that this fiesty vixen can do! When asked where she sees herself in the next 10 years, she says, "I don't ever plan anything, I don't know what life will bring me next… It's all in God's hands."

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